The RxProfessor is on YouTube!

Not only can you read all of Mark’s thoughts and insights on what’s happening in the world surrounding workers compensation and healthcare through Mark’s Musings, there’s now additional content on The RxProfessor YouTube channel.

This YouTube channel is a place to educate and agitate through the use of video, how most people now consume content.  This new platform encourages a healthy dialogue surrounding the many different topics Mark brings attention to.

What You Can Expect:

Although the theme throughout the channel remains the same, helping people make more informed decisions, The RxProfessor YouTube channel is segmented into four playlists:

  1. Minute with Mark: These will be short 1-2 minute videos on topics ranging from the latest news in workers’ compensation to healthcare trends to his unique personal observations.
  2. Live events: Mark is a renowned speaker and educator having presented over 575 times to more than 48,000 people in 42 states and the District of Columbia since 2012. Some select events will be included here.
  3. Long form: These are more substantive 10-15 minute videos that do deep dives into specific subjects. A longer time commitment for viewers but this gives Mark time to address the nuances.
  4. The Upload: These are a series of podcast-like interviews of people Mark knows that are intelligent and innovative influencers and take a deep dive into their subject matter expertise.

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The RxProfessor YouTube channel.