Congratulations to David Price! Preferred Medical’s first person to complete the Workers’ Recovery Professional (WRP) Certification

Preferred Medical is committed to enhancing the workers’ compensation industry and those companies that impact injured workers. We were one of the first service providers in workers’ compensation to partner with WorkCompCollege to change the way occupational incident-related injuries and illnesses are managed.

We are honored to announce that David Price, Preferred Medical’s General Counsel & Director of Government Affairs, is our first team member to complete the Workers’ Recovery Professional (WRP) Certification.

“We see the value of education to understand the whole process:  how the process works from start to finish, what each person in the process experiences, and the legal, clinical, and financial influences on the process. We believe this education will allow our staff to work more effectively with everyone involved with an injured worker’s care. If we are more effective, then the overall care should be more effective, and we should all be striving for that!” states Amy Wrightsel, CEO of Preferred Medical.

Preferred Medical is supporting the entire executive and management staff to earn the WRP certification. All other team members will be enrolled to earn the WorkCompCollege Associate Certification (ATEC-A).