The Importance of Customer Service

At one point or another, all of us have had a customer service experience that has made our lives easier and sometimes we have even taken the time to praise that customer service representative for taking such great care of us. Customer service shows exactly who we are as a business and why we do things a certain way. Taking the extra time to listen to our customer’s concerns and understand their perspective can change the perception of that customer (an individual and maybe even the entire company) in a positive way.

But what makes a great customer service experience?

Working in customer service for many years has provided me with ideas to make sure my team offers the best experience. Following the below steps can definitely take your customer service to the next level.

Understand where the client is coming from – Empathize with the client and carefully listen to their needs. Do not minimize their concerns. Do not assume or take any information for granted, as the smallest details can sometimes be the most important.

Repeat what they say – While this may sound silly, it is extremely important to repeat back to the person what they are asking for. And, when reasonable, e-Mail a recap of the problem and the plan to them. It will make it clear that you have been paying attention and it will reduce any possible miscommunication.

Give them different options – I tell my team that at times we may not be able to do exactly what the client asks for so it is very important to have a plan B, C or D. If what the client requests is not feasible, let them know what you CAN do for them to take some weight off their shoulders. Telling the client we cannot do anything to help them should never be part of any company’s culture.

Help your client make a decision – This is a tricky one as you really need to know who you are working with and their needs and you never want to overstep boundaries. You are the expert in your subject. Your client may come to you with an issue that they do not know how to resolve. This is the time to show your expertise and to let them know what you can and will do to resolve the issue for them.

In conclusion, knowing who your customer is and delivering on your promises is extremely important. Listening to and understanding their issues clearly will always make them feel like they matter and that you will do what it takes to assist them as best as possible.

Written by Lucciana (Lucci) Gamarra, Pharmacy Manager.