Our team here at Preferred Medical is comprised of individuals with their own unique professional and personal background, knowledge and views. Based on their role in the workers’ compensation industry and here at Preferred, they bring to the table a unique perspective and can offer valuable insights.

The blog posts below are all authored by different people, on different teams and with different roles. You can expect to read about trends they see, places they see room for improvement, successes, failures, learning opportunities and more. Our intention is to provide you a holistic view of the industry (and our place in it) and hope you gain new knowledge and a fresh perspective on work comp topics.


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Who has time to delegate???

The toughest struggle that I see in leaders today is failure to delegate. Everyone is working different hours in different time zones and locations. It takes effort and time to delegate. You have to trust the person you are delegating to. Yes, you know you can do it faster if you do it yourself. Yes, …
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