From Clients

We strive to treat our clients as we would like to be treated (aka The Golden Rule) in every interaction. That means being responsive, good listeners and having a sense of urgency. And when things don’t go as planned, we leverage individual and collective expertise to not just resolve the situation but identify the root cause so it doesn’t happen again. So when a client goes out of their way when we do what we say we’ll do (or more), we very much appreciate the feedback.

It is with great pride in our team that we offer the following as examples.


We will be sharing client case studies showcasing our recent work and how we Make It Easy for our clients.

Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority (MMIA) Case Study – Medical Bill Review

Arkansas Municipal League Case Study – Pharmacy Benefit Management



From a Claims Manager: “I had reached out to the pharmacy department today for assistance on this claimant’s medication. I had the pleasure of working with xxxx to sort some issues out that the claimant was having and also get the claimant signed up on mail order. Xxxx was very pleasant and extremely helpful and went above and beyond to assist me and the claimant.”

From a Senior Director of Work Comp Claims: “The transition to a new PBM account manager has been seamless and I appreciate how it was handled.”

From a claims adjuster: “You really have an awesome group of people working for you. They always take good care of my claimants, and that is important to our employers.”

From a Work Comp Claims Manager: “Our examiner reached out to PM’s customer service and PM’s response time was awesome! PM really does provide excellent customer service.”

From an H/R Manager: “Thank you, xxxx! And please thank yyyy for me as well!! I am impressed with the service and promptness you both have shown! Kudos to your team!!”


From a Nurse Case Manager: “Thank you for always getting transportation for my patients staffed in a timely fashion and providing excellent customer service whenever I contact you.”

From our manager: “I was on the second hole yesterday enjoying my Saturday and received a text from the on call pharmacy person about a claimant. Usually I can handle it as usual by phone but this was a Home Health and I had no access to the system. I called xxxx and he willingly jumped in and found two different agencies, one for Saturday night and one for Sunday night.”

From a Nurse Case Manager: “Good Morning, Just giving you some feedback – I had my first Preferred Medical DME referral this morning. I emailed the referral info in, within 5-9 minutes I had a call from xxxx who is working on the referral and even though it is not delivered yet – I will let you know the turnaround time – but I am already impressed. Thank you.”

From a claims adjuster: “What EXCELLENT customer service! Less than 24 hours after I sent you the email, my employee has already been taken care of. You do not know how much I truly appreciate this. THANK YOU!!!!!!”

From a Nurse Case Manager: “My compliments to PMN team and all the work it took to coordinate short notice transportation !!!! Thank you so much!!!! Terrific job!!!” (yes, she used all of those exclamation points)

From a claims adjuster: “I wanted to say thank you to all of you. Whenever I need something ASAP, you always come through. That is very helpful to adjusters and less stress for us. So thank you all for your help in all my files! You guys have really come through for me on several occasions.”

From a Nurse Case Manager: “You have been awesome and made this discharge during this very difficult time easy. I am copying your manager to make sure you get recognized for the tremendous help you have been to this injured worker and to me.”