Ancillary Services: Discharge Planning

Get Discharge Planning Right with Preferred Medical

When it comes to discharge planning for injured workers, there are a lot of moving parts before discharge from the hospital or care facility. Preferred Medical coordinates the needs of the injured worker to ensure a smooth transition from the facility to home care.

Here’s how our Discharge Planning services work:

  1. The adjuster or nurse case manager sends in the discharge referral form
  2. Our Ancillary Care Coordinators coordinate all the needs of the injured worker and works in conjunction with the discharge planners at the facility, physician’s office and payer to set up a plan of care.
  3. Both the injured worker and their caregivers are educated on the individualized plan of care and on any durable medical equipment or home health needs.

All equipment delivery and set-up, as well as injured worker and caregiver training is coordinated by Preferred Medical. In many cases, same-day service is available.

In addition to Discharge Planning, we also offer comprehensive Ancillary Services and assist payers with navigation of catastrophic care.

Learn how we take the complexity out of Discharge Planning.

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