From Injured Workers

While an injured worker is not a direct client of ours, they certainly are a very important stakeholder – which is exactly how we treat them. Sometimes we interact directly with them while other times it is only through our clients, but we always having an impact on their care. An injured worker can get lost in the very complicated workers’ compensation system, so beyond the actual service they sometimes need to know that their needs are heard and being addressed. When they contact us on a job well done, it makes us all feel good about our positive impact.

It is with great pride in our team that we offer the following as examples.

In their own words

From our manager: “I received a call from this injured worker and he has nothing but great things to say about xxxx, xxxx, xxxx and xxxx and how patient, kind, and understanding they have been.”

From an injured worker’s daughter: “I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how great xxxx has been to work with the past several days. She is friendly. professional and organized in her approach to help patients and their families. You are very blessed to have her representing Preferred Medical. Please know that I appreciate you and your team for all of the help.”

From our manager: “This injured worker went out of her way to call me and let me know how professional and helpful xxxx has been during her entire process. We had to order something that we do not normally do because it isn’t in our wheelhouse but in the end we got the job done and she is very happy. She went on to say she will be speaking with her adjuster to let them know how happy she was to get to work with Preferred Medical and xxxx.”