New York Level 1 Decision Support

Preferred Medical is here to help you navigate the complex New York workers’ compensation formulary.

New York happens to be the most complex of all state-mandated formularies in the country, and starting December 5 all new prescriptions must comply with this new formulary. Fortunately for you, we have extensive experience with state formularies and the prior authorization process and have been involved with New York from the very beginning.

It is in the best interest of the injured worker to approve appropriate medications as quickly as possible. We have created a process to accelerate review for whether this medication is appropriate or needs further scrutiny. Our Level 1 Decision Support manages the First Level Review process to help payers implement this formulary successfully. Regardless of who your PBM may be.

This stays true to our core values of being Responsive, Focused and Tailored!

Here’s what this new product provides:

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